Global Marine Group offers you the best choice of yachts to escape routine or make an unforgettable present for those who you love…Take a look through our fleet and we will take you to a cherished journey.

Choose one of the luxury yachts to make your dream come true. Our yachts are the most suitable way to enjoy an occasion with a great company. 

Motor yachts

Crewed cabin charters can range from single cabin, double cabin or triple cabin accommodation. It comes with your captain and his crew. Our MOTOR YACHTS with a wide selection range will suit clients with different budget.

Sailing yachts

Our sailing yacht list offers charters in Turkey and the Greek Islands and Croatia. Yachts are offered in different sizes, model and charter routes.



LUXURY: The Luxury class gullets price range starts at 400€ per day


DELUXE: The Deluxe class gulets charter prices starts at 800€ per day.

High deluxe

HIGH DELUXE: High Deluxe class gulets charter prices are over 3000€ per day.