Breathe In: An Adventure on the Pursuit S 408

Breathe In: An Adventure on the Pursuit S 408
Breathe In: An Adventure on the Pursuit S 408
The Pursuit S 408 proves the perfect platform for the #adventure of a lifetime.

At 33 feet below the ocean’s surface, the human body is neutrally buoyant — essentially weightless. Above that, the gases in your body naturally make you float upward. Below it, the atmospheric pressure compresses those gases, and you sink at a rate that increases with your depth. Divers call this phenomenon “the doorway to the deep.”
Thirty-three feet down is exactly where I found myself recently, floating statically, swaddled in 2,000 feet of warm #Atlantic#Ocean in the Bahamas, with only the air in my lungs to sustain me. When I looked up, I saw strands of gauzy light reaching toward the water’s surface, where a roaring #Bahamian sun silhouetted my fellow divers and the ­Pursuit S 408, the vessel that had brought me to this strange space. When I looked down, all I could see was dark-blue nothingness. Back in college, I would often begin term papers with a favorite quote from ­Friedrich Nietzsche: “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Back then I was grasping at wisdom I didn’t quite understand, in an attempt to pad my intellectual credibility. But in that moment, down below, as I floated Zen-like in a boundless expanse, fully mortal in an immortal place, I ­finally understood what the great thinker meant. So I bent at the hips, flipped my fins over my head and kicked downward, feeling the sea’s gaping maw suck me in.
Don’t worry guys, I lived to tell the tale.
By Kevin Koenig
#Pursuit S 408
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