Agency services

Global Marine Group pride ourselves on the careful attention to all our clients and their needs…

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own yacht without having the burden of the yacht owner obligations. Let our staff to take care of: 

  • your yacht insurance
  • yacht registry options
  • marina berths & duty free bunkering
  • customs clearance
  • urgent technical repairs, tax free spare parts delivery, technicians  


While spending your holiday aboard, let us take care of: 

  • provisioning, guided shopping: hand made silk carpets, jewelry with certified diamonds
  • spirits and wines
  • flowers delivery arrangements
  • VIP transfer: help transportation, private jet arrangement
  • 24/7 personal security 
  • leisure activity: onboard party planning, DJs
  • health and beauty care
  • laundry facilities & onboard delivery
  • all kinds of cleaning: carpets, upholstery
  • private villas rent with serving staff

We propose the best way of becoming an owner of a yacht and ensuring your investment, is through the charter income every year.  You can take advantage of a yacht's management program that will incorporate your individual wishes and needs. 


We shall be pleased to answer any questions that you might have and to provide you with any further information you might require.